It has never been so easy!

Innovative concept

Unique design, underwater quadcopter concept, remote independent operation, self-positioning on the water surface, solar panel – these features have never been used in underwater devices before! Se@Drone is the first modular underwater remote operated robot in the entire World!

Affordable for everyone

Our aim is to bring professional underwater exploration machines in everyday life of ordinary people. The Se@Drone is compact, low cost, easy in navigation and operation. Moreover, due to its modularity it can be upgraded according your needs. Build your own Se@Drone!

Wide range of applications

Se@Drone’s modular construction allows adjustment to amateur and professional needs and offers a wide range of applications in different areas: marine, offshore, shipbuilding, archaeology, ecology, police, treasures hunting, underwater film making, photography, and leisure.

See what nature hides. Build your own Se@Drone.

Start to explore underwater world just in one click. Use it wherever you want - make awesome movies, take pictures of coral and fishes, or employ the Se@Drone for the professional needs. We developed our pet project to be applicable in wide range of industries: Marine, Offshore, Shipbuilding, Police, Archaeology, Ecological research. "Dive" to investigate underwater constructions, explore sea inhabitants, hunt for treasures and artefacts. Applying the Crab module you can also grab found objects from the water.

Sentinel kit

It is fully autonomous, remotely navigated and self-positioned device that keeps its eye on underwater inhabitants without your intervention.

Hunter kit

Fully autonomous self-positioned robot with additional module for pulling items from the sea bottom.


Eco-option of the Se@Drone with solar panel on the roof. It increases remote operation time and makes it environmentally-friendly.


Netherlands office:

Julianalaan 67A
2628 BC  Delft
The Netherlands

UK office and workshop address:

Rockford Component Site
Shireoaks Road
Worksop, Notts.
S80 3HA
United Kingdom